“A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts on both sides of each question.”

                Would it be “fair” to say that both sides of the creation/evolution question are being presented in the public arena today in America? What do you think? The quote above is taken from the introduction to Charles Darwin’s, The Origin of Species (1859). Mr. Darwin clearly understood the need for all of the facts to be represented, but we have gone from one extreme to the other on this question over the last almost ninety years.

                In 1925, the Scopes Monkey trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee. As a result of this case, evolution began to be taught in classrooms in the public schools of the United States. Today, if anyone even mentions that there might be some scientific evidence in favor of creation, the popular culture of our day does everything they can to ridicule and/or file court cases to put a stop to it. Why do they do this? Is it because evolution has been proven beyond all doubt to be an undisputable scientific fact? No, not at all! It is simply because evolutionists have skillfully gained the upper hand through the power of today’s anti-God media-elite, and have rammed their false-god of evolution down the throats of modern-day America, like it or not!

                But the other side of this argument IS available to anyone who might somehow stumble across the teaching of many of today’s creation scientists, who have written scores of books and videos citing a mountain of evidence which is favorable to the creation of the universe by an immensely powerful and incredibly intelligent Being, the existence of which evolutionists are united to resist, reject and totally ignore. But of course, many people cannot even give creationists the chance to say a word because PBS, along with its allied forces of superior intelligence, has already convinced a large majority of us common folk that anyone who even thinks of taking such nonsense seriously is a certifiable idiot and Bible-thumper. But guess what? There is another way to hear an alternative view to all of the “monkeys-to-man” mumbo jumbo. And you might be very surprised to hear that this alternative view comes from none other than evolutionists themselves!

                Now I will admit that many evolutionists are not especially happy when we air some of the dirty laundry within the evolutionary camp, but that does not change the fact that many evolutionists themselves are very disillusioned with much of what passes as truth concerning the popular theory that is being taught and propagated across our land. The book, “The Origin of Species REVISITED,” (W. R. Bird – Regency Books, 1991), volumes one and two, reveals literally dozens of quotes by well-known evolutionists which you will NEVER, EVER hear in a Public Broadcasting Station documentary. And many of the “trade-secrets” of evolution clearly reveal the lies that all scientists are aware of that our media-elite do not want the average person to hear.

                One such secret is the complete falsity of the “ape-men” pictures that are the icons of evolution.   None of the famous  “monkeys-to-man” drawings has ever been proven and several have been shown to be “fakes,” – complete “hoaxes!” Piltdown Man, Java Man, Peking Man, Nebraska Man, and even Neanderthal Man have all been proven to be fairy tales – created to support evolution and supplant creation.

                Another secret that scientists know but that evolutionists are not eager to tell is that fossils DO NOT prove evolution. This, says the late-Stephen J. Gould, is THE trade-secret of paleontology (the study of fossils). “No real scientist uses the fossil record to prove evolution.” This statement was made by Professor Mark Ridley, a zoologist at Oxford University.   But many an evolutionist-documentary has boldly stated the exact opposite. The truth is, any such statement is only an exercise in “circular reasoning,” because it is based on the “assumption” that evolution has occurred. In fact, the fossil record that you will find in virtually all of our science textbooks does not actually exist anywhere in the world!

                There are many other so-called evolutionary facts that have been clearly disproved that are still used in modern textbooks, in documentaries, and in evolutionary literature. If you would like to check this out for yourself, just google Ernst Haeckel’s faked drawings of embryos, O.C. Marsh’s horse drawings, or Stanley Miller’s laboratory experiments.

                I am obviously not a scientist, but I can read what many evolutionists have said about their own theory. A few of their quotes include words like “myth” of evolution, an “illusion,” and “a highly-speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual support” (Michael Denton). Others have described the current teaching of evolution as “deceiving,” a “mirage,” “nonsense of a high order,” “more like….medieval astrology,” and “mythology rather than science.”

                There are many more quotes I could cite (I would highly recommend Volume One of Mr. Bird’s book), but the point is that the truth can only be known when there is an honest and fair debate and chances of that happening look to be very slim indeed in the current anti-God environment in the good ole USA today! As a Christian, I have no doubt that we WILL get there, but it is possible that many in our society will not budge an inch until they see God, Himself, coming down from heaven to clarify His viewpoint (are you ready for that?)!! Until then, I can only hope that a more common sense discussion will somehow develop in the very near future.

(To read the full – and considerably more subdued – version of this article, please visit my website, Signposts On The Road To Reality.)

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