Why should I prepare for eternity?

Why should I prepare for eternity?

Have you ever been to a funeral? That is why, because we die – sooner or later.

Ever been to the funeral of a young person – say someone under 30 years old? The truth is, there are no guarantees that you will die of old age, and even if you do, you still need to be ready for that.

How do I prepare for eternity?

1 – Recognize that you are a sinner who is headed to hell and that your only hope is for you to bow your knee before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to shed His blood that you might be set free from your sins. As the Spirit of God speaks to your soul, you need to believe and receive your salvation.

2 – After you do this, you will want to get into God’s Word and find out everything you can about how to follow Jesus and get to know Him better, letting His love fill you and empower you daily.

3 – Our goal should be to prepare for eternity every moment of every day, because this world is only a temporary stop-over, and if you are not preparing for eternity, you are wasting your time. Everything we do should honor our God and we should have nothing to do with anything that does not honor God.

Whenever we fail in our efforts to honor the Lord, we must do what the Apostle John has told us to do in 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Death is one thing that everybody can be 100% sure of. Why is it that we prepare for everything else, except the day we leave this planet?

If the Bible is true, preparing for the next life is the most important goal in each of our lives – EVERYTHING ELSE is secondary! This is an issue each of us must take seriously, not only for ourselves, but also for our family – our spouse and our children.

Eternity is a very, very l-o-n-g time!   Our life on this earth is a vapor, a mere breath. The next life is forever! The difference between time and eternity is so great that it can NEVER be measured.

For anyone who would like to argue with me by saying that this life is all there is, we cannot afford to be wrong about this. Do you really want to play the game, “I’ll bet my soul?” Are you willing to bet your children’s souls, or your spouse’s? Others ARE watching you. Whatever you decide about eternity can greatly affect the decisions your loved ones will also make.

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