Another simple, basic truth that the Bible says over and over is that God promises to watch over and protect everyone who trusts in Him and puts their faith in His Son, Jesus.   Everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior will have his, or her, sins forgiven and removed as far as the east is from the west - and that is a long way!  But those who reject God will be sent to hell.

So, why doesn't everyone believe in Jesus and go to church and read the Bible? One of the main reasons today is because the devil, who is God's enemy and the enemy of every human's soul, who hates you and wants to drag your soul to hell, has convinced much of this world that the Bible is irrelevant.  How has he done this you ask?   By telling us that super-intelligent scientists and the like have proven that we are all here because of evolution, which took millions and millions of years.  So there is really no need or reason to even believe in God.  But this is just another deceptive lie about the truth and God to keep people entrapped in their sins.  How do scientists know more than God?  Where did scientists come from?  Who created science?   -----   God!  Everything that exists came from God - except sin which came from man not listening to God.

We all have to decide who we are going to listen to, what we are going to believe, and where we are going to spend eternity. Please don't be deceived by Satan.  Read and listen to God's Word.  God loves you and will help you to know and understand the truth if you give Him the chance.  We can all see that this world is obviously getting darker and darker as it slides further and further into the clutches of sin and Satan.  The Bible plainly tells us that things will get worse and worse.  But Jesus came to set us free from sin and give us the hope of being with God forever in a place where there will be no more crying, or pain, or sorrow.   I pray you will put your faith in the Lord Jesus today!

"Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!.....For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen."      (Romans 11:33.36)


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