What Does God Say About Being "Gay?"

            To be honest, I need to say that I have been very hesitant about writing on this topic for many reasons. However, I feel that I need to address this issue now because there are so many in our culture today who have recently been saying it is "okay" that it almost seems to be the thing to do.

                Back in April, I listened to our President giving a speech to the families and friends of those who had been killed or injured in the Texas fertilizer plant explosion. I was glad that he did that and touched by what he said, and even a little surprised at how effectively he used the Scriptures to comfort the people in Texas. But just a couple of days later, when a professional basketball player announced that he is "gay," the President quickly applauded his action as courageous. I have nothing against this athlete, or anyone else who has similar feelings and beliefs, but as happy as I was when the President spoke in Texas, I was just as perplexed that he was now condoning behavior that God specifically identifies as evil - even calling it an "abomination."[1]

                I think that most of us recognize that the oft-used term "gay," is what is commonly referred to as a euphemism. My dictionary defines euphemism as "the use of a word or phrase that is more neutral, vague, or indirect to replace a direct, harsh, unpleasant, or offensive term." In actuality, the Bible never uses anything other than direct terms when speaking of homosexuality, or homosexual behavior, and in fact always speaks about this subject with a negative connotation.

                One of the reasons I have had difficulty writing about this is also the main reason I am writing now. The truth is, we all have family members and friends who identify with the "gay rights" movement, so this is something that touches each of our lives.  I certainly do not enjoy being a wet-blanket, but I believe that "celebrating" what God calls sin is a very serious matter! And I think it is past time to sound the alarm that today's "politically-correct" point -of-view is pointing in a very dangerous direction. The prophet Isaiah wrote, in Isaiah 5:20, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil..."

                However, it is a sad fact today in America that a very "vocal" group exists who wants to do just that - they want to "change the rules." But I would STRONGLY urge you NOT to follow their lead. God is merciful and kind, but His truth is not subject to change! God's Word shouts loudly to us all that God does not change (Malachi 3:6, James 1:17), Jesus does not change (Hebrews 13:8), and God's Word is forever settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89). If there are going to be any changes it will have to be on our end.

                And thankfully, God can help us to change by the power of His Spirit.   Homosexuality, though it is a sin, is not unforgivable by God - not by a long shot! The God that I worship died for each and every sin and lives forevermore so that you and I can be set free from sin and live with Him forever, in the most glorious place that anyone has ever heard of. The enemy of our souls[2] is the true source behind all of the lies that are being promoted today, such as "you were born gay," etc., etc.  Jesus Christ said that "the truth will set you free." All you have to do is believe in Him, trust in Him, and let Him set you free!

                In one way, I can understand why many may be a little confused about this issue because one of the most powerful influences in our society today is also one of the most liberal and anti-God - the media. And the media seems to be the driving force behind the current push to normalize and even glamorize "gay rights." It is almost getting to the place where you can hardly watch a movie or television program without being bombarded by today's increasingly "pro-gay" perspective.   The Bible says that in the last days of planet earth there will be a division of the population into those who are for God and those who are against Him and, unfortunately, it looks like that is where we are headed.

                I don't know about you, but I believe the days in which we are living are accelerating at a very rapid pace. Things seem to be happening very fast and at some point, some of us "may" need to jump out of the boat before it plunges over the falls. Those who are currently aligning themselves against the truth that God has revealed in His Word and insist on challenging God Himself, will one day get their opportunity --- but I don't believe they will enjoy it. If anyone thinks that God was a little harsh when He obliterated the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their egregious sin, the Scriptures warn US that one day He will destroy the whole earth - "The earth suffers for the sins of its people, for they have twisted the instructions of God, violated his laws, and broken his everlasting covenant. Therefore, a curse consumes the earth....few will be left alive." (Isaiah 24:5,6) The book of Revelation gives us an especially vivid and detailed account of this destruction. However, God does not want to bring judgment on anyone for their sin, no matter what it is. Forgiveness through the blood of Christ is available to all who will repent of their sin and call out to Him in faith.   And God promises that He will rescue His faithful believers out of the coming turbulent days.

                If you would like to study what God's Word says concerning this topic, I would suggest Genesis 19, Romans 1:18-32, I Corinthians 6:9,10, I Timothy 1:8-10, and Jude 7. I am also including a link with this article that I would highly recommend. [3]

                I sincerely hope that what I have shared has been helpful and kind, and not condemning in any way, because I am not qualified to condemn or judge anyone, because I am only a sinner saved by the grace of God, through Christ.



In order to advance against good, evil must creep up slowly, and imperceptibly.

The more blurred the lines between good and evil become and the more we lose track of our moral compass, the more lost our nation becomes.[4]


1 - Leviticus 18, 20

2 - "Unmasking the Enemy of Our Souls," see www.signpostsontheroadtoreality.com

3 - Recommended Resource - Homosexuality: The Christian Perspective by Lehman Straus 

4 - I jotted these lines down quite a few years ago. Don't know if I borrowed the ideas from anyone or not, but it doesn't matter where they came from, they are true.

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