Easter is probably the most important Christian holiday because the whole meaning of Christianity is wrapped up in the meaning of Easter.  Also, the timing of Easter, being in the spring, when new life is springing forth,  correlates very closely with the message of the resurrection of Christ.

Here are 3 things that are usually identified with the Easter message.

1 - The first message of Easter says that Jesus Christ died for our sins.   This is very important.  Do you believe that  Jesus died for your sins?  Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?

2 - Christ died on a cross and was buried? When Christians are baptized, the Easter message is symbolized in their baptism.  When you are lowered into the water, this shows that your old man of sin has been buried,  just like Jesus was buried.  Have you buried your sin with Jesus?  Have you repented and turned from your sins to follow Christ?

3 - The fact that Christ rose from the dead means 2 things.  First, it means that since Jesus has conquered death,  all those who believe and trust in Him,  will also triumph over death and spend eternity in heaven.  But the resurrection of Jesus Christ also means that Jesus is alive today, right now, and is sitting at the right hand of God, awaiting the word of the Father to come for His people.

Are you ready for that day? What if this Easter is the last Easter before Christ returns to this earth?  Do you have the assurance in your heart that you will rise to meet Him in the air before He returns to this earth to eliminate evil?

The messages of Easter are many, but the most important is that Jesus loves you! He came to this earth  to defeat death and rise to new life, so that we can do the same! Have you received the new life of the Spirit of God that Jesus came to give? 


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