As Americans, we are truly blessed with the freedom that many who have gone before us have sacrificed their life's blood to obtain. But today, so many seem to have forgotten that this freedom was a not only earned by the blood of our ancestors, it was also a gift to us from the God of heaven. This gift is one we can only keep as we continue to honor Him who gave it to us, and keep His sacred Word close to our hearts. Just as the nation of Israel often forfeited their freedom and blessings through sinful lifestyles, our country will just as surely be abandoned by our Creator if we continue to ignore His precepts and laws.

So many nations in this world seem to experience one disaster after another. What makes the United States of America any different? I believe it should be clear to all of us that God has made the difference in America. America has long been known to stand for "truth, justice, and the American way." American ideals have been based on the Word of God, the Word of truth, the Holy Scriptures. But today our modern culture scoffs and laughs at Christian ideals. But ultimately, God will not be mocked. In the end, His truth will stand.

I truly believe that America is begging for God to judge her. Just as a rebellious child will not be silent until he has been justly punished for his rebellion, this nation is now storing up wrath from God. God is merciful beyond our comprehension, but one day He will inevitably say, "Enough!" There may still be time for America to repent, but I can't say that I see much enthusiasm for repentance - even from God's people, the Church.

I recently read through the book of Deuteronomy. In this book, Moses retells the story of how God rescued the nation of Israel out of Egypt. Over and over again, God showed His might and power to His chosen people through miracle after miracle. And in chapter 28, God pleads with them to be obedient to His commands, laws and precepts, and promises to bless them abundantly as they do. But He also reveals that if they take His blessings for granted, He will turn against them and punish them. And His punishment promises to be so severe that it will wipe out ALL of His previous blessings.

In just the same way, our nation needs to take heed to God's warnings to Israel. God will not hold back His justice from our nation forever, and if He ever completely abandons America to His rod of discipline, we could face disaster and misfortune beyond our greatest fears. As Thomas Jefferson once wisely stated, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

This is a message that many will not hear, or heed. The Bible proclaims that the road to hell is a "broad path" with many people traveling on it. But a "few" will enter the "narrow gate" that leads to "life." If you are willing to go against the grain of society and choose the path of peace and righteousness that Christ offers, there is a glorious future awaiting you. But there is a price to pay to enter the narrow gate. Many of your friends and family will not understand, or approve. Are you willing to withstand their disdain and rejection? Will you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, even when it costs you much?

As our nation continues down the path she is now going, Christians will become more and more out of step with the popular culture. If you take your stand with Jesus, you can be assured your soul WILL be saved, but it may cost you your life. However, this life is only a temporary existence. The prize of eternal glory in the Kingdom of God is well worth any momentary afflictions!


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