1. Personal Revelation - I believe in the God of the Bible because He has revealed Himself to me. The Bible is full of promises that God will reveal Himself to those who truly want to know Him. No other religion even offers what the Bible promises to deliver - a relationship with the very Creator of the universe!

2. The Holy Spirit - After the Lord revealed Himself to me and I committed my heart totally to Him, the Holy Spirit took up residence in my life, guiding me through the Scriptures and giving me the desire and the strength to obey Him.

3. Jesus - The Bible is not a jumble of sayings and stories. It is the unfolding of God's plan on earth. God has everything in control and the "key" to his plan is the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelation, the focal point of all of Scripture is on Christ.

4. The Unity of the Bible - Though the Bible has many books and many authors, and speaks about many topics, there is such a harmony and unity that I am convinced that only God Himself could have given it to us.

5. The Impact of Scripture - No other book has had as much impact on the world as the Bible. The Scriptures transform individuals for good, who then transform the cultures they live in.

6. Archaeology - Over and over, during the last 100 to 200 years, the science of archaeology has found artifacts that have confirmed the historical accuracy of the Biblical record.

7. Fulfilled Prophecy - No other book even attempts to do what the Bible has done by foretelling the future hundreds and even thousands of years in advance.

8. Israel - What other nation has ever disappeared for almost two thousand years, and yet is now one of the most talked-about nations in today's news.

9. The Indestructibility of the Bible - Though many have tried in vain to rid our world of the Word of God, it remains to be probably the best-seller of all time. One reason may be because it is the only book that truly offers a real and lasting hope to mankind through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

10. Common Sense - Doesn't it just make sense that a good God would provide words of truth to those He loves? And that is what the Bible is.

But the Bible is more than a love letter. It is a warning, as well, to those who might think that they do not need God. History, as well as common sense, should teach us that we all need the mercy, grace and forgiveness that God offers to us through Jesus.

I spent many years without purpose and hope, but now I know where to go, and to Whom to go to for answers and help in life.


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