Thank God for Christian radio! Once in a while I will listen to secular music. There are many secular songs I like, but I cannot honestly recommend them because they just don't lift up my spirit with the life and light that Christian music has to offer. There is a Scripture in Isaiah that explains it best for me, chapter 8, verses 18-22. You can read it for yourself, but I will paraphrase what it means to me.
Those who are not trusting and believing in Christ are "spiritually dead" and do not have the words of life and light that we need to live lives that glorify God, so why go to them for wisdom? They may mean well, but the only place to look for wisdom and truth is in God's Word. It is the ultimate Source of truth. Anything that doesn't agree with that needs to be tossed aside - no matter how good or high-minded it sounds.

Once after Jesus had delivered a very difficult message, many of those who had been following Him walked away and Jesus turned to His disciples and asked them if they were going to leave Him too. But Peter responded, "to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." (John 6:68)
So I'm sorry secular radio, but I'm sticking with Jesus. When you start playing songs that honor my Lord, and throw out all the junk that mocks His Name, then maybe I will listen a little more often.

(This article was originally posted on facebook and linked to this song on youtube, Every Time I Breathe, by Big Daddy Weave.)

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