Our world is full of life, and the variety of it all sometimes seems endless. From plant-life to animal-life to humans, all of nature is exploding with unimaginable life and vitality. We write poems about it, sing songs, and produce video documentaries. And yet, there still seems to be just one thing that makes the world go round.

           Relationships probably provide us with the best opportunity to examine this modus operandi of life. Where would we be without relationships? They give us the power we need to be the people we are. And they give us a glimmer and a glance into the face of our Creator.

            What is this heart-wrenching feeling, this bond that exists between a man and a woman, or when a father holds his newborn son, or daughter, for the first time? What is it that calls out from a child’s heart to its mother, and is returned in kind, or between grandparents and grandchildren?

            We all experience this feeling more strongly in different situations, and in differing degrees, because, like everything else in this world, we are all different. But it is the one thing we all look for and long for more than anything else, because it is the fuel we live on, and must have. It is the power behind everything – and it is love.

            I suppose more poems, songs, and books have been written about love than any other subject.  Love is the thing that everyone wants, but no one usually wants to admit wanting. I guess that’s because our need for love is so great that it exposes our vulnerability – our weaknesses, and no one wants to admit to having any of those.

            But what is love - why is it so important, and where does it come from? I think the reason it is so important is because it is the source of all things. Think back to a time when you have experienced love intensely. Is there anything that could have made you believe that this feeling was not real? Of course not. Take the example of the parent and a newborn child. This love is so pure and natural that everything in you says this is good, and this is real. But if it is real, where did it come from? Something this real and this good couldn’t just appear. It had to come from somewhere. And of course, it did. It is a shadow of the pure and unconditional love of God.

            Although the intensity in which love often comes makes it feel as if it is a completely pure feeling, we all know that human love is not completely pure. No matter how much we “feel” like we love our child, or our mate, we know that there are often times when our heart aches because our actions have revealed that we sometimes care more about ourselves than about the object of our love. And vice versa, our loved ones have often wounded us because of their selfishness. But the fact that human love is not perfect cannot nullify the fact that our universe does exist, and it can only exist because there is a God of unconditional love who allows us the privilege of tasting this love, and all of the other wonderful things we get to experience.

            The Scripture says that God “is” love. It is this love that brought us into being, and now calls us to return to Him, in spite of the fact that we have all missed the mark many times and in many ways. The wonderful thing about God is that He doesn't hold a grudge. He only asks us to call out to Him and put our faith in His Son, the One He sent to set us free from our sins.

            But God will not force His love on us.   We must choose to believe and receive the gift of forgiveness He has sent to us in His Son Jesus, who has offered to us God’s Mt. Everest demonstration of love, through His death on the cross.

The Bible says "Today is the day of salvation," and what better time could there be to receive the love of God into your heart than at Christmas? If you will simply confess your sins, believe in Christ, and accept His gift of salvation today, there is no doubt that your heart will be fueled by God's transforming grace and love forever!

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