When I first became a Christian, in 1980, I had no idea what to make of the creation/evolution debate.   All I knew was that there was a popular teaching in our culture about the origin of the universe that seemed to be diametrically opposed to the plain teaching of Scripture.   How was I to reconcile this immense contradiction?  Since that time, I have been studying this topic and searching for the truth.  I started out a non-scientist, and remain very much a non-scientist,  and there are still many, many things I do not understand.   However,  I have come to the conclusion that  God's Word is the ultimate authority and therefore  have absolutely no qualms about stating that I now believe that evolution,  and the idea of millions of years,  rather than explaining the existence of our universe, are myths fashioned to eliminate any reason to believe in a Creator.

            There is much more I could say about each of these 10 reasons not to believe in evolution, and I plan to do just that -  and many more reasons could be given as well.  But I offer these now in the hope that all my friends who read this will begin to realize that  the mountain of propaganda that is disseminated through the media day after day, which causes  many to doubt the truthfulness and reliability of God's Word,  is basically fiction - science-fiction. I encourage everyone to study this issue, because most of what we  are being told is "true" science is completely false.   The evidence is there for anyone who wants to believe it, but only those who refuse to be bullied and intimidated by the anti-Christian forces who are in power in our nation and world,  will be able to clearly see the truth.


1. Evolution is against common sense and contradicts the most basic known natural laws of science.  The second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of "entropy," which has been referred to as the "premier" law of science by none other than Albert Einstein, tells us that everything in the universe is moving from order to disorder, or degeneration.  But evolution, on the contrary, posits the exact opposite - that nature somehow is getting better and better,  improving and increasing in complexity.   In reality, the evidence is clear in every scientific field,  that nature is moving toward more and more disorder, which is exactly opposite of what we should see if evolution were true. Furthermore, evolution claims that the universe began with a "big bang," and then life somehow springs into being from non-life.

However, simple common sense, as well as true science, tells us that order and complexity have never been the result of random chance explosions, and that life does not, and has never, proceeded from non-life.  Evolutionists would have us believe that the order and information, which is exceedingly abundant in our universe, comes only from chance occurrences over millions and millions of years (please see my article, Nothing Happens By Chance, www.signpostsontheroadtoreality.com.).  Even though we have all heard this repeated over and over and over again by atheists and evolutionists for many years now, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and there is no evidence that random chance has ever produced anything significant.  Whenever and wherever we find order and information, we must assume that it has been produced by intelligence.  Books, buildings, bridges, and machines are all examples of information that has been put into order by intelligence.  So when we see the extraordinary evidence of order and information in our universe, it is quite natural to suspect that it was created by some extra-superior intelligence. 

Many evolutionists have recognized the numerous and glaring contradictions (see my article, Common Sense and Science, www.signpostsontheroadtoreality.com). Some have even admitted that creation often seems like the most rational explanation to the evidence.  But either in order to escape public ridicule, or to simply to deny the existence of a Higher Power to which they do  not wish to be accountable, they refuse to allow any such possibility.  Nevertheless, they will sometimes admit the obvious.  To quote just one such evolutionist, George Marsden has admitted, "Evolution .....strains popular common sense.  It is simply difficult to  believe that the amazing order and life on Earth arose spontaneously out of the original disorder of the universe."  ("What is Creation Science?", p.1)

2. There is no proof for evolution.  The late-Colin Patterson, a British paleontologist, made several astonishing statements in a speech in 1981 that was recorded.  He later claimed it was recorded without his knowledge and that he was misquoted.  But what he said was very revealing, as well as very typical of what others have said.  He said, "-last year I had a sudden realization.  For over twenty years, I had thought that I was working on evolution in some way.  One morning I woke up, and something...struck me that I had been working on this stuff for twenty years, and there was not one thing I knew about it......So....I've tried putting a simple question to various people.....The question is this:  'Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing....that you think is true?  I tried this on the geology staff at the Field Museum....and the only answer I got was silence......I tried it [at]....the University of Chicago.....all I got there was silence for a long time.  But eventually one person said, 'I do know one thing--it ought not to be taught in high school.'

"Evolutionists allege that evolution is a proven scientific fact, based on a multitude of scientific proofs, but they are unable to document even one of these supposed proofs!" ("What is Creation Science?", p.1)

3. There is no known mechanism for evolution.  "No one" understands how evolution works! There are, in fact, almost as many theories of evolution as there are evolutionists. "Calling evolution a fact without at least broadly identifying a mechanism is both non-science and non-sense." ("What is Creation Science?" , p.110)

4. There is no fossil evidence of evolution.  You have probably heard the claim that the proof of evolution is in the fossils, but there are, in fact, a host of scientists who admit that this is not true.  Nobel prize-winner, the late-Stephen J. Gould, has even referred to this as "the trade secret of paleontology." (For all of us common folks - paleontology is the study of fossils)

5. There is no order in the fossil record.  The supposed "geologic column" (you know - that list with all of the long, hard-to-pronounce names, such as Tertiary, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, etc., etc.) of evolution is completely manufactured on the assumption of evolution.  This "manufactured"  column is not found anywhere on earth.  The only place it actually exists is in textbooks and in the minds of evolutionists.

6. There is no evidence of millions of years.  I know this comes as a great shock to all of us who have been systematically brainwashed for the past 50 or so years, by everyone from our public school system, to the news media and the entertainment industry, to our old friends at PBS.  But this whole idea is based solely on the "assumption" that evolution is a fact, which it is not - not even close.  All of the so-called dating methods are speculative and unreliable.  There are numerous sources for error in radioactive age measurements, some of which are off "hundreds of millions" of years.   Many credible scientists recognize that there is extensive evidence that points to the age of the earth being only thousands of years old.  To cite just one such example of evidence is the recent discovery, by a team of scientists led by Mary Schweitzer, of soft tissue, and even intact proteins, found in the bones of T-Rex dinosaurs, who supposedly  became extinct 65 million years ago!  There is NO way that soft tissue could exist for more than just a few thousand years, but this is just one of multitudes of examples that point to a recent creation.

7. Evidence points to recent human civilization as well, so creation just a few thousand years ago makes sense.  There is no fossil evidence of human bones from millions of years ago.  (p. 15,16 - "What is Creation Science?")

8. Physical evidence also points to recent creation.  The earth's magnetic field is decaying, radiocarbon is accumulating, and also helium, uranium, nickel, etc., at the rate that they are now accumulating,  could not have been accumulating for millions of years. (p. 16 - "What is Creation Science?")

9. Fossil evidence points to a worldwide flood, not uniformitarianism - or millions of years.  In the ground-breaking classic,  The Genesis Flood, written in 1961,  Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb unearthed  the hydrologic dynamics of what actually must have occurred during the flood of Noah, a period lasting over a year.  And today, we have even further evidence of the power of nature as we survey the wreckage that nature experienced in the volcano, at Mt. St. Helens, in May of 1980.  In that relatively small, localized area, in a matter of just a few days, weeks and months, canyons were carved out by the debris of the volcano's blast that were approximately 1/50th the size of the Grand Canyon.  Therefore, if something like that could be the result of just one volcano in a small area of North America, what might be the effect of a cataclysmic worldwide flood lasting over one year?

10. The model of creation that is laid out plainly in the book of Genesis in  the Bible,  is the most rational and reasonable explanation for the existence of our known universe, based upon the scientific evidence that is available.  Many scientists acknowledge that creation fits much better than evolution with the evidence we see in nature, but those who do so will  never be quoted today by our anti-God, ultra-liberal news media.  Instead, the liberal elites who today control our major news and entertainment industries,  have chosen to censor from the public any evidence which might point toward  the God of creation.

I have written quite a few articles on this subject which I have posted on my website. Although I am admittedly not a scientist, I believe that much of the problem in this debate is that ordinary people find it very difficult to understand much of the language that is used.  So, they often just decide to leave it to the "experts," who the media always tells them are the evolutionists.  And there is also no doubt that most of the public are very intimidated by the frequent name-calling of those who want to silence anyone who disagrees with the evolutionary viewpoint.

Below is a list of the articles from my site - www.signpostsontheroadtoreality.com. I would greatly appreciate your questions and comments on any of these articles.

(Common Sense and Science, Millions of Years - Facts or Fiction?, Millions of Years or Six Literal Days, Seven Lies (At Least) In Two and a Half Minutes, Why Smart People Say Stupid Things, Nothing Happens By Chance, All or Nothing, Satan's Trojan Horse)

--What is Creation Science, Master Books, 1982, Henry M. Morris, Gary E. Parker


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