This website is being written, primarily, to common, ordinary, everyday people - not intellectuals. Everyone, however, is welcomed and indeed encouraged to read. Many of us who are not intellectuals, or even college graduates, such as myself, still have a deep desire to know and understand the truth. I believe that everyone can know and understand truth, and that the God who inspired the Bible is a God who wants to reveal Himself to all people - common and intellectuals alike.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions  about truth in our culture today is that  if truth can be known at all, it can only really be figured out by those with college degrees and PHDs. But that is a lie that opens the door to numerous deceptions. And there are, in fact, many deceptions that are being foisted upon people today, under the guise of supposed intellectualism, knowledge, and education.

Therefore, while this website recognizes its obvious lack of intellectual expertise, it does not relinquish its right to share the knowledge that it does have with all who will read with an open mind and heart.

I selected the title of this website after much thought, and with great care. My original choice had been simply, "The Road to Reality," but that seemed to say too much. Only the Word of God, the Bible, can truly claim to know the way to truth and only the Spirit of God Himself can lead a person to real truth and reality. By contrast, the "flickers" of light that God has given to me, which are sometimes very faint, can only hope to point the way and be a signpost along the way for others to see and be assisted in their quest to know and follow our Lord. 99 per cent of what I share are nuggets of truth I have picked up from others - through books, magazine or internet articles, sermons in church or on the radio, or whatever. Solomon said, in Ecclesiastes 1:9, "There is nothing new under the sun." In the modern vernacular, that translates into the fact that absolutely everything has been recycled. I will do my best to give credit to whom credit is due, but I cannot claim any original thoughts or ideas. Only what God has said is truly original.

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