Simple Truth #4


Hell has never been a popular topic, and many have said that we should not use hell to "scare" people. But the Bible speaks often of hell. It is not the dominant teaching in Scripture, the mercy and love of God is the primary focus of the Bible.

The truth is, we SHOULD fear hell because it is a REAL place, and all those who refuse to listen and receive God's offer of mercy and love through Jesus Christ will one day find out just how horribly real hell is.

But, if you are alive and reading this now, it is not too late to receive God's love. The only reason you are alive is because the God of Creation is right now cradling you in His arms and keeping you alive. You did nothing to deserve the blessings you have experienced. He only wants your gratitude so that He can keep you with Him and continue blessing you for eternity.

God is worthy of all your praise and adoration, but He will not force anyone to love Him. That must be our choice!

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