Satan's Trojan Horse

    "Did God really say---?".   From almost the beginning of time, there has been an adversary to man's soul.   And that adversary, as one author has said, "is alive and well on planet earth."[1]  This enemy of the soul of man has not relented from those first words, recorded in Genesis 3, and continues to say the same old thing today, albeit with a slightly different twist. And somehow, mankind continues to listen.

       In Genesis 3, Satan asked Eve, "Did God really tell you the whole truth about that tree and its fruit? Well, this is what He really meant"- (my paraphrase).  One of the current questions our enemy poses to us is, "Did God really say He created the whole universe in just six days? Now let me tell you what He really meant by that?"

      Just as the original deception in Genesis sent mankind into a tailspin from which we still have yet to recover, the deception today is just as subtle and destructive. Just as the Greeks cleverly fooled the city of Troy by hiding their men inside of the wooden horse in the classic fictional story, the devil has hijacked the field of science today by convincing our culture that "true science" has revealed that this world actually came into existence through millions and billions of years, by a process that we don't really understand fully, but one day we will. The deception is actually very similar to that which deceived Eve, because both lies appeal to human pride. In Genesis, the devil was saying, "You don't need God to figure everything out. When you eat this fruit, your eyes will be opened and you will be just as smart as God. " He was really appealing to her pride by flattery, implying how knowledgeable she could be all by herself. And likewise, in our day as well Satan has lured men into believing that they don't need God.   He tells them that they can figure out, through scientific inquiry, exactly how the whole universe developed. The devil is an expert at stroking man's ego, and causing him to swell up with pride.

      Of course, it's all a lie, just like it was a lie that Eve listened to and believed. Do you know why so many bad things, terrible things, like wars, disease, hatred, murder, rape, theft, and many others are regular occurrences in this world? It all started in the garden, with the serpent, and Adam and Eve. God has allowed it all to happen so that we can see the results of not listening to Him and trusting Him. But if we learn our lesson during our lifetime here on earth, and turn to God and accept His means for salvation, through putting our faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, we will enter into the next world and be with Christ, where we will enjoy God's presence and all that comes with it forever!

      I am not an expert on the history of science, but most of us probably know that many of the fathers of modern science were Christians, such as Issac Newton, Galileo, Kepler, Pascal, Linnaeus, Mendel, Kelvin, Pasteur and others.[2] These guys didn't use evolution to develop their ideas, and they all achieved great things. The scientific processes that they discovered are still in use. But real science, some call it operational science, deals with solid scientific facts that help us develop medicine, build houses and buildings and bridges and computers and cars.   But evolution is simply a "theory" about the past, which cannot be proven. Creation also cannot be proven, but we can look at the world we live in and see which theory best matches the evidence we see.


                And when scientists have done that, they have found that there are some very basic laws of science that we always find to be true. One basic fact is the law of biogenesis, which I believe was first discovered by Louis Pasteur. That law shows us that life always comes from life, and also that "like" begets like. In other words, life in one organism can only come from another living organism, and those two organisms must be of the same "kind" in order to reproduce. So cats reproduce cats, dogs reproduce dogs, cows > cows, fish > fish, turtles > turtles, man > man, and so on. But the theory of evolution says that everything on earth has evolved from one common ancestor. So, fish became frogs, frogs became something else, something else became elephants, and something else became man (this is probably the wrong order according to evolutionists, but you get the idea). But the trouble is, nothing even remotely like this have EVER happened, as far as anyone can tell.

      Another well-known scientific fact, Albert Einstein supposedly called it the "premier" law ofscience,[3] is called entropy, or it is also known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It basically says that everything is going from a state of order, to disorder. In other words, everything we know of is running down and wearing out. Even Issac Asimov, the famous science-fiction writer, agreed that this law has always proved to be true.[4]   So what does the theory of evolution say? Is it in accordance with the law of entropy? The truth is, the whole idea of evolution runs completely contrary to this known law - it is diametrically opposed to the law of entropy because the theory of evolution claims that the whole universe is moving from simple to complex. In other words, entropy says that natural order of things is to fall apart and wear out, but evolution proposed that EVERYTHING is actually going in the opposite direction! Have we any evidence that this is happening, that things are getting better and better -- absolutely not!   And the sad part of it is that somehow our culture has swallowed this whole idea that is completely against the known laws of science, as well as common sense, but Christians are the ones who are currently being labeled as ignorant because we don't believe this theory that makes no sense!

       However, the worst thing is that Satan has managed to convince many Christians to go along with the evolutionists, even though it really is against common sense and science. And how has he done that? I believe he just continues to use what has worked for him in the past, and that is human pride and repetition. One of the quickest ways to demean someone is to call them stupid. This is called intimidation, pure and simple bullying. It works on the playground and it works in life.

       So, several hundred years ago, when the field of science really began to take off, our enemy (the devil) began to build on this idea of millions and billions of years. It originally had nothing to do with God, but began as a tool to rid our world of the need for God. It began with atheists, and evolutionary theory is still the bastion of atheists. But sometime after Darwin's book popularized the theory, some in the Church began to become rather jealous of the attention and prestige this theory was receiving. My guess is that this was about the time that the Trojan Horse of millions of years entered into the Christian church.   Fast forward to the end of the twentieth century up until the present, and it is common to hear people like "the science guy" say on a television show designed to brainwash children, "intelligent people know evolution is a fact while only dummies believe in creation."   It took years and years of television documentaries and college science classes, repeating the mantra of "millions of years, millions of years, millions of years," ......... but today much of our society is duped. They don't argue, they don't even listen to anything else. Like zombies in a trance, they just believe because they have been conditioned by repetition - it's all they've ever heard. Add to that the fact that no one wants to be labeled a stupid, religious fanatic, then you can begin to imagine how so many have been so deceived.

      But when "Christians" fall for this stuff, they are completely forgetting what the Apostle Paul taught in I Corinthians, chapter 1. God has not revealed Himself to this world through the wisdom of men. He chose instead to use the preaching of the cross of Christ. God chose what the world thought was foolishness to shame those who think they are wise, or in today's language, intellectuals. But on the contrary, the Scriptures reveal what God has to say about this and they say that "[God] chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things - and the things that are not - to nullify the things that are, so that NO ONE MAY BOAST BEFORE HIM." (I Corinthians 1:28,29).

      This world worships intelligence, the wisdom of man. Of course, there is nothing wrong with intelligence.   It is a great gift of God, through which we have all benefitted. But when the wisdom of man becomes prideful, and intimidating, and bullying of those who are less intelligent, God is not at all pleased and you can be sure that, sooner or later, He WILL act on behalf of those who are bullied and put down!   There are many examples in Scripture where God promises to one day bring judgment on all that is "high and lofty" - proud and arrogant. I am sure that many who believe in millions of years are truly convinced that those who do not believe what so many scientists say is true deserve to be belittled, but millions of years is NOT in the Bible and six days is.

       In the past, I have listened to some of my Christian friends insist that what we believe about origins is not all that important. And for many years I have kept silent because I didn't want to "rock the boat," or "judge." But I now see that I was wrong about that and I can no longer keep silent while the truth of the Word of God is being trampled upon.   I now agree with a creationist brother who has said that "the old-earth theory has powerfully undermined the credibility and authority of the Bible and therefore its cultural influence." [5] And whenever we cause people to doubt the truthfulness of any of God's Word, we are ultimately turning people away from God and the eternal life He offers through Christ, and I believe emphatically that we will be judged by God for doing this.

     This same brother has said that "the culture has invaded the Church,"[6] to which I agree and would even add that as the culture has advanced and invaded the Church, much of the Church has surrendered to the lies of this world, which has been deceived by Satan. And if, as Christians, we continue to just go along with the devil's lie that God didn't really mean six days in Genesis, we have compromised with our enemy and given him the power to destroy and demean the authority of God, Himself.   I am not saying that Christians who believe in millions of years are not Christians, but I do believe that somehow they have been deceived into thinking that we have the freedom to re-write God's Word?   Just think about what we are saying if we truly believe that. We are saying that the God of the universe is not capable of communicating His Word to us clearly, so we have to help Him out - the Almighty, Eternal and Omniscient Creator of all things. That, I believe, is the lie that our enemy has used to creep in and infiltrate the Church. It is Satan's Trojan Horse, and I believe it is time for the people of God to awaken and slay the dragon in our midst! (See Revelation 20:2)

      The theory of evolution, and its evil twin millions of years, teaches that this world came into existence through the means of a big bang, a mighty explosion, and from there life developed somehow from non-living cells, and then into plants, animals and us, over a period of millions and billions of years. This is fiction, not reality. If you prefer to believe fiction over reality, ok, but one day, whether it is at death or when Christ returns to this earth, we will each be forced to deal with reality, and God. I prefer to trust and believe in Christ, and His Word today, and that means that to the very best of my ability, I will believe in God's Word and teach others also to believe what God has written, regardless of what some men say.

      I don't think there is any doubt that the millions of years philosophy has been designed specifically to cause people to doubt the reliability of God's Word and through that doubt to turn people away from God and Christ. This is truly a battle for the souls of men, women and children throughout our world. And we need to do all that we can to lift up the truth of God's Word so that all the earth will see that our God is truthful in all that He does and has proclaimed to us, from Genesis to Revelation, and that He will one day return to vindicate His truthfulness as well as all those who have placed their faith in Him.


"The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears
    from all faces;
he will remove his people’s disgrace
    from all the earth.
The Lord has spoken.

Surely this is our God;
    we trusted in him, and he saved us.
This is the Lord, we trusted in him;
    let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.”  

Isaiah 25:8,9  (New International Version)



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