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I am NOT a science guy at all, but I have studied the Creation and Evolution controversy long enough to know that Bill Nye's youtube video about the denial of evolution doesn't even come close to the truth. Many people, however, who have been consuming the "millions of years" kool-aid for about a million years, probably will not agree with me. But hopefully some who read this might think twice before they consume their next cup and thereby avoid the consequences of swallowing Mr. Nye's lies.

1 - Mr. Nye asserts that evolution is a foundational principle of science, and he probably really believes that it is, but he probably also knows that there are hundreds of reputable scientists who don't believe much of what those like Mr. Nye are trying to pass off as fact.

The book DARWINISM: THE REFUTATION OF A MYTH[1], written by an evolutionist, says that "one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit in the history of science." And one French professor has said that evolution is "impossible," and teaching it is "deceiving" our youth[2] - to which I heartily agree.   And yet - one of Mr. Nye's main objections to denying evolution is that it will injure our kids. This is absurd, of course,  but I will explain more about this below.

Far from being foundational to science, many scientists ignore evolution altogether, saying it is not even relevant to their work.[3] One said that it is a "serious obstruction to biological research." [4] Colin Patterson even said that "some aspects of Darwinism.....have held back the progress of science."[5] Patterson, who was a paleontologist with the British Museum in London, also stated that evolution "does not convey any knowledge," and in fact is "anti-knowledge."[6] Other books that have been written concerning the serious doubts many evolutionists are having are The Descent of Darwin: A Handbook of Doubts about Darwinism[7], and Michael Denton's Evolution - A Theory in Crisis.[8] Another biology professor from France had this to say, "Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless."[9]

 The truth is, Mr. Nye's point of view is actually a denial of history. Many of our greatest scientists have been believers in Christ, our Creator, and not evolution. Kepler, Bacon, Newton, Galileo, Pascal, Boyle, Dalton, Linnaeus, Mendel, Maxwell, Kelvin and Pasteur were all Christians[10]. But today, our culture has been hijacked by this materialist, anti-God worldview.

 But evolutionary materialism has added no practical benefits to science and society. The noted scientists in the list above did not need to use evolutionary theory to develop the things they have discovered to help our world. Engineers do not need evolution to build bridges and buildings and machines. Doctors don't use evolution to practice medicine or develop medicines to heal and cure. Evolution is only a theory, and a very flawed one at that.

 Mr. Nye wants us to just accept his assertion that evolution represents the foundation of science, but even Albert Einstein knew what the "premier law of science"[11] is, and that is entropy. And entropy is the exact opposite of evolution! All scientists know that the universe, including our own earth, is decaying daily - it is running down and wearing out.   But evolution makes the extraordinary claim that everything in the universe actually came into existence all by itself, starting with a big bang, purely by chance. But nothing that we have ever known or experienced tells us that order could result from an explosion! And then life somehow develops from non-life - -- sure, that happens all the time! Then they top it off with the proclamation that everything else - plants, animals and man, all evolved from this one-celled organism - which itself exists only in the imagination of evolutionists.

But we know better than that. As one scientist put it, "Evolution strains common sense."[12] And common sense tells us that order does not come from explosions and the information that we see in living cells, such as DNA, does not develop out of thin air! That would be like saying that books have no authors, and computers and spaceships evolved.  Common sense tells us that information comes from intelligence, and order must be designed by Someone. It does not, and never has, come from chance.   So yes, we do deny evolution, as well we should.

 2 - I must say, Mr. Nye "is" a very enthusiastic fellow and an extremely sincere salesman for evolution. And in his video he gladly divulges why this is. He quotes Carl Sagan, who once said, "when you're in love, you want to tell the world." This is why Mr. Nye wants to tell everyone about evolution. He is so excited with this knowledge that he believes he has, but I am sorry to say that what he has fallen in love with is a lie. I truly am very sorry about this because thanks to the enthusiasm of Mr. Nye and others like him, much of the world also seems to have fallen in love with this lie and the consequences of falling for a lie could be very costly to your eternal soul![13] 

 Of course, many evolutionists only believe in the natural, material world, and are not concerned with the soul. But as Christians, we are also very excited about what we believe and believing that this world was created by God, just as the Bible says, is a theory that just happens to fit extremely well with the observable facts of science. It makes a tremendous amount of sense to believe that this world of order and intelligence was set into motion by a Being who has placed human beings on this planet with reason, and purpose. And it also makes sense that our Almighty Creator has given us a book that explains just how this world began and why we are here.

 3 -Mr. Nye said our universe is complicated, and I can surely agree with that. Our world is very complicated. But evolution is not a reasonable and rational solution to the question of our origin, and believing that it is makes matters a zillion times worse.   It doesn't matter how many millions, billions, trillions, or quadrillions of years we are talking about, there is no evidence whatsoever that ANY particular species of anything has EVER changed into something else. And the idea that life somehow developed from non-life is completely without merit.

 Just think about it for a minute. If everything we see has developed from an amoeba to a man, slowly and gradually, over millions and millions of years, there should be an almost infinite amount of evidence! Think about that - from a single cell to man. That would be an INCREDIBLE amount of changes.   If anything even remotely similar to this has ever happened, there would have to be an enormous amount of evidence. But what we have is nothing! None! Sure, evolutionists "claim" there is all kinds of evidence, but there isn't. There is nothing at all that could verify the kind of changes they are claiming have occurred, and many scientists will tell you that. However, you will probably never hear about it, because the radical evolutionists have gained a monopoly and strangle-hold on our popular culture today. And they use their access to the public to continue telling their lies, over, and over, and over again. But the truth IS getting out - little by little.

 There are many examples of evolutionary ideas that have had to be discarded because they have been disproved (I say discarded, but the faulty information is rarely taken out of science textbooks and is very often still used in television documentaries). For instance, have you ever seen the drawings in the science textbooks of ape-men who gradually turn into humans? Everyone has seen these - they are the icons of evolution. But they have all been disproved.   And this is well-known in the scientific world. Neanderthal Man was not an ape-like cave man. He was human, just like us. Java Man, Peking Man, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, etc., all of these have been disproven. Some were even fakes! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Another disproved idea was spontaneous generation - evolutionists used to teach that life could spontaneously form from spoiled meat, until Pasteur proved that the life came from flies who laid their eggs on the meat.  Other ideas gone awry were recapitulation, vestigial organs, O.C. Marsh's infamous horse drawings, Stanley Miller's laboratory experiments, Ernst Haeckel's faked drawing of embryos, etc. etc.    Even though I admit I know very little about science, it doesn't take a scientist to see how ridiculous this theory is, and the more the truth gets out about evolution, the more people will see it is a myth and a lie.

4 - Mr. Nye speaks about distant stars being just like our star, but the truth is no one has ever located another star like our sun - our sun is unique, just like the earth and our moon are unique. But when Nye, and others, rattle off all of this complicated language, most people will often just shake their heads and think "they must know what they are talking about."  But if you will take the time to read a little and find out what some of the non-evolutionary scientists are saying, you will discover that all of the complicated words are just that - words. The whole theory of evolution is "smoke and mirrors," a house of cards cleverly designed to look and sound convincing, but not based on solid scientific facts.

5 - Of course, Mr. Nye goes to the old stand-by, millions of years, but it's an illusion, a delusion, a fairy tale. There is no proof for long ages of time - the dating methods they use are often off by millions of years. But this whole story of long ages has been manufactured for one very important reason - to get rid of God. You have to have incredibly long periods of time in order for evolution to even be considered a plausible explanation. One guy said, "Time is--the hero of the plot.-----Time itself performs miracles." [14] Supposedly, anything can happen if you just have enough time, but it just won't work. It doesn't matter how long you have, it will never be enough because our world just doesn't work that way. There is no proof and they know it, but many evolutionists will continue using this tactic, because they have to get rid of God. As Aldous Huxley said, they had to get rid of the morality of the Christian worldview because it "interfered with their sexual freedom."[15]

6 - I think I have already covered this, but Nye claims it is untenable and inconsistent to deny evolution, but he actually has it reversed. Evolution is the one that is untenable , inconsistent with the real facts of science and completely impossible.

 7 - This last lie is probably the most egregious. Mr. Nye actually contends that parents who teach their kids that evolution is untrue are injuring them. This is especially abhorrent because that is EXACTLY what evolutionists have done and are doing every day as they are teaching our children across this nation that there is no God and that everything we see in our world has come into being apart from Him and without His help. By doing this, they are encouraging these little ones to put their hope and faith in themselves and this world rather than loving and honoring the very One who has created them and desires to bring us all into a new heaven and a new earth one day, a world that is without sin, suffering, pain and terror.

 In summary, yes, Mr. Nye, we do need engineers. But engineers don't need evolutionists. Engineers can build things fine without evolution. In fact, evolution doesn't do anything except turn people away from God. But in a very short time, Christ will return to this earth to set up His Kingdom, just as He said He would about two thousand years ago. And instead of not existing(as Mr. Nye has predicted), those who believe in Him will enter into His Kingdom where He will love and protect them forever. However, all of those who DENY and reject Him and the truth of God's Word will be destroyed.[16]

 I am sure that Ken Ham will do a much better job than I in putting Mr. Nye in his place and I hope and pray that he, the science guy, along with everyone else, will see the multitude of errors in the atheistic philosophy of evolution and begin to put their faith in the One who loves them and died for their sins, the Lord, Jesus Christ.


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[13] I said "a lie COULD be very costly to your eternal soul" because I am NOT saying that everyone who believes evolution and/or its evil twin, millions of years, is not a Christian. But I AM saying that the idea of millions of years and evolution were both specifically designed by the enemy of our souls in order to undermine God's Word and turn many away from eternal life through Christ. 
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*Some of the resources used for this article include, Six Days - Ken Ham (Master Books - 2013), The Origin of Species Revisited - W.R. Bird (see above), What is Creation Science? - Morris and Parker (see above), Evolution Exposed, Biology - Roger Patterson (see above).


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