Let's be honest with each other  for a minute.  Whenever you hear someone say that God can take your sins away,  how does that make you feel?  Does that really sound like good news, or does it make you want to turn the channel, turn the page, or walk away?  I'll be honest myself - there was a time in my life when I had no desire to let go of my sins.  Some of my favorite things to do would have been classified as sin.

 Our society is so accustomed to being entertained that many churches don't even talk a lot about sin these days.  It makes people too uncomfortable, so they often avoid it as much as possible.    Instead, much of what we hear  in some  churches  is only  soothing and comforting.  But that's not reality, and we all know it.  What we need is for someone to explain to us why sin is bad and why we need to be saved from it.


We really don't like to hear it, but sin is NOT good.  It can sometimes bring us pleasure, for a while, but the truth is, sin is the root of all of our problems.

What is sin?  It is simply the refusal to listen to God and do what He says.  The devil has tricked us into believing that God wants to keep us from having a good time - "that mean old God!"  But that is just the opposite of who God is - it is a lie!  And if we don't stop believing the lie that sin is good and I need more and more of it, we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, and bring destruction into our lives. 

Folks, it's time to fess up - we've been duped!  We've been fed a pack of lies for years and years.  It is time we wise up.  God is not an evil dictator!  Why are you breathing right now?  Why did you wake up this morning?  Do you have a job, a wife or a husband, children, a car, a dog, a bed ----- have you experienced anything good in this life?  If so, where do you think it came from?   Any and all of the good things  you and I may have, have come from a GOOD God, who loves us and cares about us.

But if we don't really believe that sin is bad, then God cannot help us.  Just like a person who is sick and won't go to the doctor, or won't take the medicine the doctor gives him,  is doomed to suffer and die,  in the same way,  if we will not  recognize that we are sinners who need God's love and forgiveness, we will just continue to reject and ignore the very thing, the ONLY thing,  that can help this sick and dying planet. 

So ----if you are still reading and have stayed with me this far, maybe you can now begin to see why we all need to be saved from sin.  Refusing to listen to God and follow His words is what has caused all of our problems, and not only ours, but the whole worlds.   The age-old prayer that we learned as little children was really the truth -  "God IS great and God IS good!"   And if we trust in God  and believe and do what He has told us, He will bless us and even reverse much of the destruction that we have brought into our lives by not listening to Him.  We will still have problems in this life, because this world is a messed-up place that has been ignoring God for thousands of years.   But God promises us that if we will commit our hearts and lives to Him, He will change us from the inside out.  (see II Corinthians 5:18)  And even more important than that, God promises that everyone who accepts His Son Jesus  will spend eternity with Him in a place far more wonderful than we can even imagine.

So now, maybe you are ready to hear why the Gospel is called  Good News.



About two thousand years ago, when the angels appeared to the shepherds who were watching their flocks by night (Luke  2 ),  what they told them was such good news because Jesus was literally coming to rescue us from our sins.  If God had not sent His Son to die for men and women in this world, we would have remained lost and separated from God forever.   Jesus came to heal our hearts from the cancer that is sin,  and bring us back to God.  Christ's mission to planet earth was truly the greatest rescue mission in the history of the world.

When Jesus died on the cross, He became the perfect substitute for our sin.  And now there is nothing separating us from the love of the Father,  if we repent (turn away) from  sin and believe in Christ.


One of the biggest lies the devil likes to tell the people in this world is that there is no such place as heaven.  But don't you believe it for a minute.  Heaven is God's ace in the hole!

In heaven, we will see Christ and God, face to face.  The New Jerusalem is a huge city, 1500 cubic miles square - with streets paved in  gold and a mansion for everyone!  We will spend eternity there with all of the saints of God and there will be no more sorrow, or mourning, or pain, forever and forever!


When I was about 12 years old, my mother "made" me go to revival at our church.  Actually, I didn't argue with her.  I had been behaving horribly, and I knew it.  I was ashamed! 

But after I had gone to the altar and prayed with the old minister, I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders,  as if  I now had to BE good for the rest of my life.  I knew there was no way I could ever do that.   I couldn't be good for five minutes, let alone the rest of my life.

But now I understand that no one can ever be good enough to somehow earn their salvation.  It is a gift that we can only receive by grace, through faith.   God knows that we will not be perfect.  That is why He has promised to give us a Helper, the Holy Spirit, who gives us the desire and the power to obey Him, who will also be our Companion and Guide every day of our lives.  Just as Jesus promised His disciples that He would be with them, He is with all of us who trust and believe in Him by the Spirit.

And when we do make mistakes, as everyone does, all we need to do is confess it to  Him and the Lord  assures us that He will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness  (see I John 1:8).

 The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is truly the best news there has ever been!  And today would be a great  day for you to accept this great news for yourself.  Please turn to Christ today and be saved from your sins, forever!


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