Many people say nice things about Jesus. He was a good man, a moral teacher, etc., etc.  But they stop short of saying He is the Lord of their life.

But as writer C.S. Lewis has said, Christ did not leave that option open to us.  Jesus was either the Lord of heaven and earth,  who we MUST all worship, or He is a lunatic or a liar.  He claimed He was God in the flesh.  That is what the Jews killed Him for - blasphemy. 

The same is true about the Bible. Many say the Bible is a good book, worthy of our study and consideration, but they do not consider it the very Word of the Almighty God of creation. 

The Bible is either literally the Word of our Maker and is totally true and to be believed and obeyed, or it is absolutely nothing at all. The Word of God continually claims to be completely true and authoritative (meaning it carries the power and authority of the God within it). The Bible claims to be ALL true - from Genesis to Revelation.   So, if it is not all true,  then it cannot be  true at all!

There are only 2 choices that we can make. We either believe and worship Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Lord of all creation, or we do not.   We either believe God's Word and obey it, or we are guilty of rejecting everything it says.

This is not to say that any of us will ever perfectly love and serve the Lord or obey His Word without fail every minute of every day. But that is NOT the question.  The question is, do we agree that Jesus is Lord?  If we do,  we will bow our knees before Him today and trust His Spirit to help us obey His holy Word.

I have been accused of being a VERY serious person - even too serious.   But how can we be TOO serious about heaven and hell?    Our soul is the one thing we can never  be "too" serious about.

In today's computer age, we often are forced to make decisions. In order to do many things online, we are often asked to either AGREE or DISAGREE. Considering the fact that none of us knows when our next breath will be our last, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider, seriously consider, whether or not you agree or disagree with Jesus and the Bible.

I AGREE - X         I DISAGREE - X

Whether or not you respond to this is unimportant, but what you believe about Jesus is very important. I would like to say that if you are not sure what you believe, there ARE answers to the questions you may have in your heart.  And God wants very much for you to know that He loves you and that you can bring your all of your questions, and your heart, to Him today.


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