A few years ago I heard a song that began with the line, "I am not a perfect person." I was disappointed when I realized it was not a Christian song, because this line is so true about Christians. I think people in this world so often look at those of us who claim to be Christians and think, "those people think they have it SO together, but they don't." But the reality is, anyone who is a committed Christian knows that they DO NOT have it all together and that Jesus is the only perfect person who has ever lived. But the Bible DOES say that those who have accepted Christ have received the very Spirit of God within them, the One who "moved upon the waters" at creation and the One who raised the Son of God from the grave.

II Peter 1:4 says that those who believe and follow Jesus have become "partakers" of the Divine nature. All those who truly trust in Christ have received a "Divine spark" of the very nature of God and that "spark" is working within them to change them into the image of Jesus. That transformation process is a slow and gradual process, and as long as we are on this earth, the human flesh will continue to be a potential obstacle on the path toward Christ-likeness. And Satan is doing everything he can these days to entice Christians to listen and follow the desires of their sinful nature.

However, the power of God is greater than the power of evil, and if you have that "Divine spark" within you, progress is possible as long as you hold on to the One who makes "ALL THINGS POSSIBLE."* And then one day, when we put off this human flesh, the divine part of us will rise to be with God forever.

If you have not as yet received this Divine, eternal spark, the Bible says that "Today is the day of salvation." None of us will ever be perfect in this lifetime, but the power of God IS available, and it WILL change those who put their trust in Him.

*(This article was originally posted on facebook and linked to this song on youtube, All Things Are Possible, by Mark Schultz.)


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