There may actually be a few things that happen by chance - a lucky lottery ticket, or maybe a sneeze, or a yawn, but we all know that important things, significant things, do not happen by chance. Books are not written by chance, just as pictures are not painted. Buildings, bridges, and automobiles are not designed, let alone constructed, by chance.   Laws are not formulated, nor are nations governed by chance, and our universe is far more vast and complex than any book or building or nation.

Nevertheless, the majority of our popular culture has been convinced, somehow, that the whole universe evolved itself into existence by random chance occurrences. This makes no sense whatsoever, and is even contrary to known scientific laws (entropy is one), however the theory of evolution has become undisputed truth to many people today.   I just heard a popular television commentator declare that anyone who believes in creation and not evolution is stupid and therefore disqualified from being President of the United States.[1]

I'm sure that many others are in agreement. We live in a time when the Word of God has become irrelevant to many. The book that has been more influential than any other throughout the history of our world has been totally cast aside by a large segment of modern civilization.

Much of what is being passed off as truth in our culture today is actually ridiculous, but most folks have become blinded to the fact that what they are being told over and over again is against all common sense. But because the ones who are proclaiming these things are intelligent individuals that are recognized and very influential, many end up swallowing enormous lies.

For instance, one article I read  a while back states that all animals and even plants have evolved from the same source - that we are not only related to apes, but to such things as "houseplants" and "carrots."  The article also says that evolution has been continually confirmed "since Darwin," and that there is indeed a "barrage" of "proof." [2]

First of all, I do not question the fact that Charles Darwin, the author of The Origin of Species - 1859, has become a figure who is highly-respected by many, many people, who are convinced that everything he ever said or wrote has been documented and proven with scientific evidence. But the truth is, Darwin freely admitted that there was no fossil evidence to support his theory. He said that he was sure that the evidence (of one species evolving into another) would one day be found, but almost all reputable scientists will tell you that the proof that Darwin hoped would be found in the fossils has NEVER been found - over 150 years later.

The late-Stephen J. Gould, a noted paleontologist, and Nobel prize winner, said that the fact that there exists no evidence in the fossil record that evolution has occurred is "the trade secret of paleontology"[3] (paleontology is the study of fossils).  And Mr. Gould has not been the only scientist that sees this glaring reality.[4] There are many, though most would not like to talk about it because it shows that the foundation of the whole theory of evolution is groundless.

Darwin first became known for his study of finches on the Galapagos Islands, and the variability of their beaks. But this is not evidence of one species changing into another. He started with finches and ended with finches.   Where is the evolution in that? Evolutionists often point to the fact that we can breed strawberries to become large, or we can breed dogs into a multitude of varieties. Yes, we can do a lot to cause adaptations in plants and animals, but no one has EVER changed one species into another. No one has ever changed a strawberry into a banana, or a dog into a turtle.

Another problem with this argument is that evolution supposedly happened by random chance. But inner-breeding strawberries, dogs, flowers, hogs, horses or whatever, is not random and it is not chance. Man, with the wisdom that God has given him, can, with a great amount of effort and planning, do certain things to cause changes. But that is not evolution.

The Bible says that God created everything after its "kind, " and that is exactly what we always see.

Evolutionists tell us that all living things have genes that are like "blueprints" that make us who we are, right down to the very last detail. Yes, that is true enough.   But then they say that when reproduction occurs, sometimes there are errors, and errors are passed along in our genes which sometimes even produces new traits that are advantageous to our species, which are then passed on to our children, and so on and so forth. [5]

But wait just a moment. Are errors usually advantageous? Don't tell a baseball player that! Since when did errors, or mutations in genes, become a good thing?

Mutations are the result of a loss of information, plain and simple.   This is a bad thing, not a good thing, and the end product is a downgrade, not an upgrade. The article I mentioned says that mutations can cause creatures to "morph" into something that "better fits its environment."[6] That sounds a little like Teenaged-Mutant Ninja Turtles to me. Not a totally bad movie, but a fairy-tale nonetheless.

Don't get me wrong, I like Star Wars, and sometimes even Star Trek.   But these things are not reflective of reality.   All living things are similar in many ways.   Many of the same materials that exist in plants also exist in animals. And different kinds of animals - fish, birds, cattle, and humans - are also similar. But that does not mean that one came from the other. And there is absolutely no evidence that anything like that - one species changing into another - has ever occurred!

I would like to mention one more common claim that evolutionists often make. They say that the reason no one can see evolution today is because it happens so slowly. This idea, which is prevalent in almost all arguments for evolution, is that absolutely anything could happen if you give it enough time.   But that just isn't true.  The main reason is because SOMETHING CANNOT COME FROM NOTHING. The whole theory of evolution rests on a fact that we all should know cannot, does not, and did not happen. Life does not come from nothing. It just doesn't.   The smallest and most insignificant object that man could create - take a pencil, a toothpick, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is, it takes time and effort - planning and carrying out the plan.   Nothing just happens. Can you think of anything significant that just happens by chance?

Everything comes from something. Life comes from life. We pass it along, flawed as it is (though it was not flawed in the beginning).  And our lives had to come from Someone more intelligent than us. Just as we are more intelligent than a toothpick, or even a computer. I heard a guy on television who was talking about nano-technology. He said that one day computers could become more intelligent than us. That sounds like a great plot for the next sci-fi blockbuster movie, and I have no doubt that he is a very intelligent guy, but if you really believe that computers will one day become more intelligent than humans, then I have a few acres of swampland in Florida to talk to you about.

Evolutionists will sometimes claim that if you don't believe in evolution, it's like believing the sky is not blue - that biologists and geologists as well as dinosaur bones have already proven evolution. [7] But evolution is NOT the way things are. It may be a tale that many want us to believe, and believe themselves, but wanting something to be true does not make it so. Reality is the way things are, and if we try to exchange the way things are for the way we want them to be, it will only work in our minds.   God says that one day we will ALL have to face reality as it really is, whether we want to or not. Personally, I just want EVERYONE to be ready for that day!


If you have any questions or comments about this article, please send me an email. I am obviously not a scientist, but that is a large part of the problem today. Evolutionists often act as if these things are just too complex for the common person to understand, so we just have to trust that they know what they are talking about. But what we are talking about here is much too important for us to do that. We are talking about our eternal souls!

We all know that one day, and no one knows when, we will take our last breath on this earth. What comes next?   Evolutionists and atheists will tell you NOTHING. How do they know? They don't, they just choose to believe there is nothing after death because they do not want to be accountable to God or to anyone except themselves. [8] They use their cleverly crafted arguments to intimidate and bully us while insisting that faith in God is irrational nonsense that only the weak believe. But evolution is actually the view that is nonsensical and totally irrational.

Common sense tells us that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and there IS a God in heaven. We are not on this earth by "chance." Nothing happens by chance, but faith in a merciful and loving God is  the most rational reason for our existence. And the Bible tells us that we can be prepared for the next life. If we believe in Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to pay the penalty for our sins against a just God, we can be born again by the Holy Spirit. Instead of placing your soul in the hand of chance, please put your faith in Christ today!  


Steve Stone                                                                                         


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