This world so often casts Christianity and faith in Christ in a negative light, but for those whose hope is in Jesus, there is victory over death. Jesus Christ has conquered death, so all of those who put their trust in Him have no reason to fear it.  No one looks forward to the "dying process," but when you know what awaits you on the other side, the fear of death no longer owns your soul.   Those who know in their hearts that heaven awaits their souls have a glorious hope and future with God. Heaven is a place of no pain and sorrow, and the peace and love of God forever! Heaven is the paradise that was lost in the garden of Eden.

To many people, the subject of death is only spoken of as a joke, if at all.   We tend to avoid the things we fear and don't understand. That is why the enemy of your soul works so hard to silence the truth that Christ has come to free us from the fear of death. Jesus' victory over death can be yours, if only you will trust Him and turn from your sins.

Sin is simply a counterfeit of God's glory. Yes, there is pleasure in sin, but only for a moment.   However, sin brings with it every kind of evil known to man.

Those who turn to Jesus and repent of sin will find peace, joy, hope and love that only God can give through faith in Christ. Aren't you tired of being controlled by the oppressive fear of sin and death? Turn to Jesus today! Call out to Him and ask Him to open your eyes so you can see the truth of His love that will set you free -- forever!

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