First of all, we cannot let questions such as these divide us as Christians. That is exactly what our enemy would like to see happen, but that would not glorify Christ or edify each other. With that being said, I would like to say that "yes, I believe it does matter, very much, what we believe about origins."

                I believe the gospel of Christ is not just a New Testament teaching. The apostle Paul has told us that the Old Testament is the foundation to everything we believe, when he wrote in 1 Corinthians 10:6,11,  "these things" - the stories of Moses and the children of Israel - were "examples" for us. Also, II Timothy 3:16 tells us that "all Scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness....". Jesus, Himself, told us that He came not to change the Word (which at that time consisted of only the Old Testament), but to fulfill it.   In fact, Jesus never says or does anything except confirm the complete veracity of the O.T.   Many other Scriptures could be used to make this point, but it is clear that the whole message of the Bible, the heart of which is the gospel of Christ, is founded on Genesis and the rest of the Old Testament.

                So, what does the O.T. teach about origins? I don't think there is any doubt that the book of Genesis clearly teaches that God created all things in six days. That just seems to be what God is saying.   The idea that somehow this process took millions of years is just not there. I realize that many have tried to make this idea fit what the Bible says, but it is just not the plain teaching of Scripture. And when you begin to interject this idea into Christianity, so that many people begin to doubt the clear teaching of Scripture from the first verse of Genesis, I believe the whole message of the Word of God and the gospel of Christ is weakened and undermined.

                The whole idea for millions of years came from the theory of evolution and did not originally have anything to do with God and creation. The goal of evolution was, and is, to explain man's existence apart from God, and postulating long ages of time has always been their number one tool in accomplishing just that. When some Christians then came along trying to fit millions of years into the framework of Scripture, most evolutionists could have cared less, and many of them will tell you that. They (evolutionists) are not looking for a way forge Scripture with evolution. They don't want, or need God.

                Some have claimed that Genesis, chapters 1-11, are not speaking literally, but allegorically. But that makes no sense at all. Why would God speak allegorically in the very first book of the Bible, the foundational book of all Scripture? In order to speak symbolically, like He does in the book of Revelation, or the Song of Solomon, God first needs to give us the basic truth about how and why He made the earth and the universe and man. And that is just what Genesis does - it lays the groundwork. It does not read like poetry, or allegory, but like history. I am convinced that this is just another one of Satan's ploys to sidetrack God's people as well as confuse those who have yet to put their faith in Christ.

                How can we Christians continue to accommodate the anti-God teaching of millions of years and still expect the lost to accept the plain teaching of God's Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ?   We must either take God at His Word, or not. The Scriptures tell us that our commitment to Christ will cost us greatly, and we must choose who we want to honor and follow - God or this world.   And those who take the Bible literally are certainly NOT going to be looked upon favorably by today's popular culture. Indeed, those who believe in a literal, six-day-creation interpretation of origins are subject to a host of derogatory insults. But I believe that the facts of science, as well as the Word of God, support a literal rendering of Genesis and it is time for Christians to take their stand for truth, instead of being intimidated and bullied into submission by the lies of this world-system.

                As I said, I am not questioning the faith of Christians who honestly disagree with me, however I would challenge all Christians to take a serious look at how belief in millions of years stands the doctrine of redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ on its head, by placing millions of years of death and decay before the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden. In one of the New Testament's foundational books, Romans, the apostle Paul explains clearly that sin and death entered into the world through one man - Adam (Romans 5:12). But if we believe that death actually pre-dated Adam, and there were already many large graveyards of fossils buried in the earth before Adam and Eve ever came along, then the whole message of the gospel as we know it has been turned upside down!

                I would greatly appreciate your comments on this issue. If you are not a Christian, does it bother you to see Christians going along with evolution's millions of years teaching?   Or, maybe you are a Christian and you still believe the facts are in favor of an old earth. I would be interested in knowing why you think so.   Please send me your comments.

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Old-Earth Creationism on Trial, Chaffey and Lisle, 2008, Master Books

What is Creation Science?, Morris and Parker, 1982, Master Books

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